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For all enquiries please call 02 6765 4199

or email

Artwork Specification


Printing Paper/Card

DL                       - 99mm x 210mm

A6                       - 105mm x 148mm

A5                       - 148mm x 210mm

A4                       - 210mm x 297mm

A3                       - 297mm x 420mm

A2                       - 420mm x 594mm

A1                       - 594mm x 841mm

A5 Booklet          - A4 Page folded in half to A5 Booklet

A4 Booklet          - A3 Page folded in half to A4 Booklet


Paper Weights

Paper is available in different weights for different jobs.

80 - 120 gsm      Ideal for general printouts, Letterheads,

                           Flyers, Newsletters & Booklets

120 - 200 gsm    Ideal for Flyers, Posters, Newsletters,

                           Brochures & Booklets

200 - 300 gsm    Ideal for Business Cards, Postcards,

                           Thank You Cards, Flyers & Book Covers


A4 Brochures Folded to DL

DL Tri-fold          Brochure column dimensions

                           Front side - 97mm 100mm 100mm

                           Back side - 100mm 100mm 97mm

DL Z-fold            Brochure column dimensions

                           Both sides 99mm 99mm 99mm



Envelopes are available in ‘Self Seal’ or ‘Strip & Grip’,

Plain, Secretive and Window Face.

DL - 110mm x 220mm

DLX - 120mm x 235mm

C6 - 114mm x 162mm

C5 - 162mm x 229mm

C4 - 229mm x 324mm

Paper Sizes

Fold Diagram

To ensure the integrity of your design, we encourage artwork to be supplied to AM Printing Services as a print quality PDF.

We have provided a quick checklist to assist with the efficient processing of your artwork.
• Trim and Fold marks (true to final size)
• External Bleed (min. 5mm outside trim marks)
• Images - Min. 300dpi @100%
• CMYK files or Spot Colour

  (avoid RGB as this profile reduces image quality)
• Fonts – either outline or embed fonts

• Pages supplied in sequence

  (we will take care of the imposition)
• Spell check

If you experience difficulties and need assistance with your artwork preparation, please contact us on (02) 6765 4199.

File Formats
We prefer all artwork to be supplied as PDF.
However we support the following file types:


• Adobe InDesign (Fonts & linked pictures included)

• Adobe Photoshop
• MS Word, PowerPoint or Publisher  

   (for text/copy purposes only, file size under 6MB)

Note: We cannot guarantee files supplied in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft PowerPoint will be visually correct or the same when we open it on our computer.

File Resolution
The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality, but don't go too far. The best rule we suggest is create your artwork at 300dpi at final size. Often you don't have control of your image resolution because it is determined by the setting when the image was originally captured. If unsure contact
us on (02) 6765 4199.

Font Handling
Although we carry thousands of licenced fonts, we may on the rare occasion be unable to match exactly with your special request. Therefore, we recommend that you outline or embed your selected fonts within the program you use to create your finished artwork. This way we can print them as you intended them to appear.

Page Files
If multiple pages are required it is critical that you supply each page as a separate print ready PDF in page sequence. Our staff will prepare the imposition based on the number of pages and the sequence they are supplied. i.e.:

• Double sided DL leaflet (front & back) - supply a two page print ready PDF file.
• A4 Magazine 4pp Cover + 96pp Text (pp=printed pages) - supply a 100 page print ready PDF. The first page will be the front cover page, the second page is the inside front t cover etc, and the 100th page is the outside back cover.

File names
Keep it simple and relevant and avoid symbols. Use only alpha-numeric characters and try to keep it short. Using an underscore _ is acceptable to assist with identifying the job title and end product.

• Double sided DL leaflet – File name:

• A4 Magazine 4pp Cover + 96pp Text - File name:

• Cover file name:
• Text file name:

Paper Selection
Paper selection will greatly influence the integrity of your print. We recommended that you contact one of our designers to discuss your objectives to ensure the ideal type and weight of paper is selected to best represent your design and finished product.


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